CHANI GETTER grew up in an ultra-orthodox-Hasidic Jewish home in Rockland County, NY, and at 18, with barely a high school diploma, found herself in an arranged marriage. 5 years and 3 children later, Chani left her husband and as a single parent, began a journey of self-discovery. While her parents initially supported her decision to leave her husband, Chani’s decision to get her driver’s license and buy a car was a deal breaker which led her family to disown her and her children. While it may have seemed that she was truly on her own, she never felt alone.

Chani sought to expand her education and career opportunities by attending Empire State College in New City, NY while working full time to support herself and her kids.

After a few stops and starts, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development in 2006. She also completed a program called “Coaching for Transformation” receiving certification as a life coach from the New York Open Center.

Chani’s deep spirituality called her to explore the many forms and expressions of the Divine. In 2009, while still a single mom she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

Today, having mended fences and reconnected with her family of origin, Chani is a proud, out gay parent, a spiritual leader and teacher, an established Motivational Speaker, a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a Spiritual counselor, a licesened Social Worker, and Ritual Creator. She has found a way to combine personal development, spiritual learning and courageous risk-taking that has been her experience in life to direct retreats, create workshops and talks that are empowering and inspiring to all people.

From 2007-2020, Chani facilitated a monthly support group for LGBTQIA women in NYC. This groups provided a community of trust and mutual aid for divers group of individuals with a wide variety of experiences, ages, and identities . As part of her work with the LGBTQIA community she leads an annual weekend retreat that includes community building programs and workshops.

Since receiving her minister degree in 2009, Chani creates unique ceremonies and rituals for all. She crafts ceremonies for each individual and/or couple that express the uniqueness of who they are and how they want to be seen in the world.

In 2013 Chani joined the staff of Footsteps, an organization that helps individuals leaving ultra-orthodox Judaism. She uses her skills as a coach and counselor to support the staff at Footsteps as the Senior Director of Organizational Development. As part of her role at Footsteps, Chani trains staff in different organizations that provide resources for Footsteps members, such as family law attorneys, social workers and guidance counselors in colleges.

In 2020, Chani graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University. She received her Social Work license and works part-time at Body Positive Works, a private practice in New Jersey.

Her influence is far-reaching, touching individuals and professionals in North America and Europe. In addition to her speaking engagements, Chani has been featured in two documentary films, and a PBS special to name just a few.

Chani works with people from all walks of life, her loving, non-judgmental approach provides a safe place for all to connect with their authentic selves and deepest yearnings to find the clarity, inner peace and inspiration they desire.