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Grief Support Group: Death of a Child with Chani Getter, MSW, LSW


When someone close to us dies, we ourselves feel lost, our identity shifts. We wonder who we are if we are no longer someone’s grandchild, child, sibling, spouse, partner, friend or parent.

A story is told… when we lose someone close to us, it is as if our heart shatters and splinters all over, like birds, these shards that are our heart fly away. Over time one piece comes back at time. They slowly mend as one piece of us falls back into place…

As we build our lives, we envision, create, experience, and love, we are aware of life and death. We consciously know death is a part of all things living, yet conscious awareness does not heal the pain of grief. Grieving in community is our true nature – being seen, witnessed, heard, and then offering support to another, begins to introduce the heart to the possibility of healing. Grieving does not mean forgetting, and it certainly has no timeline. Healing means living alongside grief; growing around the grief. In this support group, we will make space for both, meet with others who live with the pain of grief, support and learn from one another, and in time make space for more smiles than tears. We will discuss the stages of grief, how grief is stored in the body, how to release it, and how to be with the reality in which we live now, to integrate loss into our life and find healing and wholeness.

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