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Event Description:

This 90-minute workshop on LGBTQIA+ psychology hosted by Dr. Laurie Paul will begin with a 30-minute presentation by Chani Getter, LSW, Certified Professional Coach , on research related to LGBTQIA+ psychology . Then, Chani will present several shorter cases to exemplify the challenges faced by LGBTQ people who grow up in fundamentalist religious communities, their struggle to leave the community, and develop their own identity. She will engage the workshop participants in analyzing the cases.

*1.5 Continuing Education Credits are available**

Learning Objectives:

1) Learn about key research findings on LGBTQIA+ psychology;

2) Deepen clinician's understanding of how intersectional variables such as race, ethnicity, religion and immigration status impact the psychology of LGBTQIA+ clients;

3) Evaluate clinical dilemmas in case studies of LGBTQIA+ clients and how to address them.

Presenter: Chani Getter, LSW, Certified Professional Coach

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