What is Spiritual Counseling?

In this crazy, busy and hectic life society has created, Spiritual Counseling provides the support and guidance that fosters the shift from being a "Human Doing" to a Human Being that chooses to Do.

Chani inspires you to explore your inner wisdom. Together, we will:

  • Create space for questions to arise.
  • Listen deeply to the answers that emerge.
  • Find your own path.
  • Nurture your values.
  • Embrace and utilize your vulnerability.
  • Connect to the "God" of Your understanding.
Chani encourages you tap into the mystery that is YOU! 

What is Coaching? 

Coaching provides a customized roadmap for each individual in their life’s journey.

At points in our lives, we know who we are or who we want to be, but we may not know how to get there. Our challenges may feel overwhelming or just too big to tackle on our own. Chani offers clear and concise goal setting tools regardless of the subject or challenge.

  • What do you REALLY want?
  • How did you get HERE?
  • How do you get THERE?

Chani’s coaching and guidance allows you to identify, isolate and change the areas in your life that are not working while noticing and strengthening the areas that ARE working.