Ritual is the moment we mark our milestones

Life is filled with extraordinary events in which we wish we could slow time even if just for a moment allowing us to savor the sweetness or grief inherent in what is. 

From the beginning of recorded time, these moments have had rituals and ceremonies to mark their significance and provide a lasting memory for those who bear witness along with those directly affected.

Traditional* ceremonies include:

*Chani co-creates meaningful and out-of-the-box ceremonies even within the framework of a traditional ritual. 

Chani Getter wearing a Talit
Chani Getter wearing a minister shawl

Modern Life-Cycle events include: 

As an ordained interfaith minister raised in the Jewish tradition, Chani brings a unique approach to celebrating and honoring milestones in people's lives. Chani creates customized ceremonies tailored to the individual, couple, or family.

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