Corporate Professional Development

Professional Training brings a pause to our daily grind, and gives us a moment to reflect on what is NOT working, why, and provides new tools to break free. It also allows us to see what IS working and do more of that.

Trainings available:

  • Half Day / Full Day
  • Multiple Days
  • On-Site Training
  • Customized
  • Weekend Retreat

Chani's customized trainings provide a platform for change and growth and a new way to "do" business.

Keynote Speaker

Chani weaves her personal story with contemporary issues to create a message that is both inspirational and empowering.

Chani has presented across North America and in Europe. Click HERE for a list of venues.

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Chani was featured in episode 14 of The Forbidden Apple Podcast. Listen to Chani's wisdom here:

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Chani speaks and teaches worldwide!

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