Spiritual Counseling

Most of us have grown up with a belief around God, Karma, the Universe and the way we, as humans, interact with THAT…

This indoctrination is meant to provide safety, belonging, stability and a sense of purpose beyond ourselves. For many of us, the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other spiritual structures no longer work or stopped working long ago.

Spiritual Counseling provides a space to question those belief systems and tap into the ways they have shaped our inner dialogue.


Chani is especially skilled in working with individuals who were raised in insular and/or fundamental religious communities who are struggling with the residual imprint of early childhood dogma. This is sometimes refered to as Religious Trauma. Chani has worked extensively with ex-Hasidic, ex-Ultra-Orthodox Jewish, Ex-Fundamental Christian (especially those home-schooled), ex-Mormon, and ex-Muslim, etc.

Chani is a trauma-informed therapist. Chani understands the impact that trauma has on a person’s brain and body. Trauma affects every aspect of their life and the way they manage their day to day. Chani provides clients the space to acknowledge their trauma and how it has affected them and begin to build a life beyond those limitations.

Sessions are available in Saddle River, NJ or virtually!



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