Spiritual Counseling/Coaching

Most of us have grown up with a belief around God, Karma, the Universe and the way we, as humans, interact with THAT…

This indoctrination is meant to provide safety, belonging, stability and a sense of purpose beyond ourselves. For many of us, the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other spiritual structures no longer work or stopped working long ago.

Spiritual Counseling provides a space to question those belief systems and tap into the ways they have shaped our inner dialogue.

Chani is especially skilled in working with individuals who were raised in insular and/or fundamental religious communities who are struggling with the residual imprint of early childhood dogma. Chani has worked extensively with ex-Hasidic, ex-Ultra-Orthodox Jewish, Ex-Fundamental Christian (especially those home-schooled), ex-Mormon, and ex-Muslim, etc.

Chani will stand with you as you discover what is missing, what you want, and how to get there. One step a time, navigating at your pace.


Chani is a trauma-informed coach. She understands the impact that trauma has on a person’s brain and body. Trauma affects every aspect of their life and the way they manage their day to day. Chani provides clients the space to acknowledge their trauma and how it has affected them and begin to build a life beyond those limitations.

No one gets married to get divorced. The reality is 50% of marriages end in divorce. In some cases, divorce can be mediated, and both the couple and their children feel heard and supported. Most of the time divorce brings out the worst in us and in our spouses. Chani specializes in working with individuals who are navigating this messy process. Coaching can serve to minimize the trauma that can result from the discord.

Another possible fallout from a messy divorce is parental alienation. This is what happens when one parent is excluded from the natural role as parent. Being separated from one’s children is excruciatingly painful. One parent described it as having a knife stuck permanently in their heart and no one seems to notice they are bleeding. Chani holds space for intense grief to show up allowing clients to leave their grief temporarily in her office so they can go about their regular lives. Coaching provides a road-map to go beyond living with intense emotional pain, to thriving despite the anguish.

Transition Coaching

How do we know when we are ready to make a change?

Transition Coaching will empower you to chart a course. This includes letting go of the past, stepping into the present and envisioning the future you dream about.

Sessions are available in Saddle River, NJ or via doxy /zoom!